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Want to Run 5k in just 10 weeks ?



Join usTuesday September 15th for our virtual run club. TheLearn To Run and Advanced 5k programs, t will last 10 weeks and at the end of 10 weeks you will be running 5k.

How cool is that ?


This will be a run / walk program, so suitable to the new runner or someone returning to the sport.


We will meet Tuesdays at 7pm on Zoom for 25 minutes and then go for a run. Each week you will receive a recipe, running tips, your program and motivation.


This clinic is Led by Sheree, a 22 year veteran of running, owner of the Brooklin Run Club and a past run club leader for the Pickering Running Room and Running Free (now Runners Core). So you can be sure you are getting the best advice.


Guest speakers will be pre-recorded and links posted to the Facebook page.

We will also provide you with a yoga for runners pre-recorded class and some quick Pilates video's. Everything you need to be a successful runner.



What you will need !


  • Running shoes

  • A watch or timer to time your splits

  • A safe place to run (social distancing is a must)

  • A great attitude.



Not only will we be running 3 times a week but we will have our own Facebook Page to interact in and share our successes.


Sometimes you just need the motivation of a like minded group !

This Pandemic will end, so lets not put our goals on hold.


This virtual program is only $49.99


To join email $56.49 to


Join now to get your training program and give yourself time to prepare.


Once payment is received you will receive a link to the private Facebook Page, the Zoom meeting and the training program. Need to buy shoes ? Several local stores are doing curbside pick up or have new shoes delivered right to your door.


Check out


If all is clear, we will have a graduation party, a chance to run with the group and meet up.

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