Trail Clinics                        

Our Fall Colours Trail Clinic starts Tuesday, October 15th  at 7:30pm.  This will be a 10-week clinic for $99.00 plus HST. 

On Tuesday nights we will meet in Brooklin for either track work or a road run. Meet location is the Brooklin Recreation Centre, 8 Vipond Road.

New this clinic - join us Saturday morning for a Powerfit Yoga class at the Live With Spirit Studio in downtown Whitby.

Saturday's @ 9:30 am - Powerfit yoga class at the Live With Spirit Studio

Saturday's with Christine @ 8:00 am - Various local trails.

Sundays with Ilona and Sheree @ 8:30   am - Various local forests

Tuesdays @ 7:30  pm - Brooklin Recreation Centre.

To join email to receive a PayPal link, or email transfer $111.87 to please supply me with the password.

Tuesdays we will explore ways of getting a bit faster and/or stronger, so each week may incorporate a few hill repeats, some fartleks or some track work. No matter what we do, it will be accessible for all levels of running. Tuesday's will also incorporate guest runners, people from our community who have been long-time runners who will run with us and give us tips while we run on a variety of subjects.

It's been a great season and I can't thank you enough for the support and fun I've had this summer. I can't imagine not running trails with the Brooklin Run Club.

Nothing happens without support, and none of this would be possible without Christine, Ilona and Barb. These guys are awesome and have been an inspiration to our runners. Thank you for showing up each week!

Congrats as well to Jenn, Jessica and Ashley who ran the Halliburton 26k....what an accomplishment. This challenging race is as much about mental discipline as running.











Join us this fall for our Learn to Run (in trails) clinic. This clinic is for the new runner or one returning from an injury or a lapse in training. 


We will be doing scheduled walk breaks, starting with running for 3 minutes and then progressing from there to 10 and 1's. 


Start Date; Sunday, September 8th at 10:00 am

Location: Seaton Trail, Durham Forest and Heberdown (trail locations will be announced each week).

Duration 10 weeks

The cost for this clinic is $120.00 and includes a weekly class at Live With Spirit Yoga & Fitness Studio in Whitby.


You will receive;

  • A guided Sunday run,

  • A 10 class pass to the studio (expires at the end of the clinic, and is valued at $145.00), 

  • A and a personalized training plan that will require you to run 2 more times during the week. 

 For those of you that can make it to Heberdown by 6 pm we can schedule some Tuesday night runs as well, however, it's getting darker earlier and earlier so evening trail runs won't be a possibility for the entire length of this clinic. Tuesday night runs start Tuesday, September 10th at 6 pm and will run for a limited number of weeks. Class pass activates Monday, September 9th and expires on Sunday, November 10th.

To register email


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