Sheree Nicholson, Director, Live With Spirit


Sheree Nicholson is a Transformation Coach and Director of Live With Spirit.  Her passion is to share with others that life’s obstacles can be overcome and that happiness is within your reach. She has authored several pocket guides including; Simple Ways to Meditate and find Incredible Silence in your Life and The Pocket Guide to Extreme Happiness and Love.


Sheree incorporates humor, ancient wisdom, and real life antidotes into her lectures.


Sheree began her career in the Direct Marketing Industry and within 3 years she was Sales Manager at one of Canada's leading fulfillment companies. She specialized in banking, selling over a million dollars annually to the Royal Bank of Canada. During her time in Corporate Canada she was Vice-Chair of the Business to Business Council for the Canadian Marketing Association and Recording Secretary for the Toronto Direct Marketing Association.


At the age of 47 Sheree changed careers and founded Live With Spirit and has grown it into a flourishing business, that’s helps transform lives through nutrition, yoga, fitness and mindfulness.


Sheree is a coach, writer, and passionate speaker; she helps others realize that much like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, the path to a better life is inside you waiting to be discovered.


Check out her LinkedIn profile for a list of her most recent engagements.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for."

-- attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder

Hopi NationOraibi, Arizona



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